The Secret of Setia Hati

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The Disguised Setia Hati

SET – thya budhya sinupeket sing – SET
Faithful earnestly devoted to trying to bind tightly
TI – niti sliring tindak tinga – TI
Always meticulous in all his works very carefully
YA – hanggayuh pandhame ngawir – YA
To achieve the lofty view of life
HA – marsudi hanggraning wiwa – HA
Seek to pull ourself away to a private
TI – nulata ing reh mangastu– TI
And look at everything to achieve the road safety

1. SE – kar pucung TI – nulis kinarya pemut, YA – marang pra kadhang, HA – naluri dhadya bhekti, TI – las labete swarginipun Pak Soera (Gending Pucung, written as a reminder-recall, to SH brother , to be able to make devotional or to devote, as a legacy of the late Ki Ngabei Soerodiwiryo

2. SE – thya tuhu, TI – myang talatan hatul, YA – pamulangira, HA – muruk dan murih lantip, TI – tis sarta cukat ing kridaning silat (Really loyal, always conscientious and diligent, to be memorized (to live or take in SH science), so be smart, fast and precise in kanuragan or martial arts).

3. SE – dhyanipun, TI – nularake sadharum, YA – sagunging langkah, HA – ywa kongsi na kacicir, TI – nata urut runtut dhadhi jurusan (To achieve a desire (to be human SH), practiced by noble deeds, that all behavior, not to get left behind, where it became a unit that regularly organized into a stance)

4. SE – ne tuhu, TI – niti sagung nging laku, YA – solah bawanya, HA – sal saking warni-warni, TI – niru pinendetingkang pinitaya (Really believe, always careful in any conduct or behavior, either verbally or speech as well as action, derived from a variety of forms, taken or copied everything worthwhile in order to believe their good)

5. SE – trusipun, TI – nata serta cinampur, YA – kaolah samya, HA – nambahai akal budhi, TI – nalusur nut ilham panggilihira (Next, set up and perfected, with processed in such a way, plus (included) with the intellect, which according and follow the inspiration that is in the heart)

6. SE – monowus, TI – ti cukup gunggungipun, YA – ana tri dhasa, HA – langkung nem sampun komplit, TI – ongkok Sunda Jawa Betawen Padang (Thus so, are sufficient in number, there are thirty, plus six who became complete (stance 36 of Setia Hati), the elements derived from the Chinese Sunda Betawi Padang Java)

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